After about 1,000 hours of combined work and a semester of presentations and lectures, students of the “Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games” course offered at the University of Florida got to show off their final products Monday.

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Mike Levin gives a lightning review of Patrick Lenz’s “Build your own Ruby on Rails Web Applications”.

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Spamalot is coming to Tampa. Please tell me about it if you’ve seen it. I am a big Monte Python fan.

A large community conference for developers will be held at the Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Ohio this January 18-19, 2007. Listen to notable speakers like Scott Guthrie, Bruce Eckel, Neal Ford, Scott Ambler, Joe O’Brien, Jay Pipes, Mary Poppendieck, and others talk about Rails, MySQL, Java, Python, and .NET! Early-bird registration just $99!

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CodeMash – I'll be there!

I’ve listed a few of my favorite podcasts on the Swampcast OPML Blog and am hoping to hear what your favorites are here in the comments of this WordPress blog.

Welcome to the Swampcast Arts and Letters blog. I’m Michael Levin and this Swampcast is focused on all things non-technical. I affectionately refer to my home in lovely Winter Park, Florida as “The Swamp”. Swampcast, the podcast, is generally about being a geek in the Swamp. My other blog, focuses on software, programming and technobuzz.

I’ve been in my former home, Dublin, Ireland for a few days now. I moved from here to Florida six years ago. Ireland was a huge jump from my birthplace, Texas. Pivotal, I might say! And, what do I mean by “roysh”? That’s a colloquialism for “right” in Dublin vernacular.

Nice to see you and glad you stopped by the Swampcast Arts and Letters blog. Expect more of the same. Hurry back!

Donal O'Danachair Here’s a new Swampcast – featuring Donal O’Danachair, producer of “Ex-Classics dot com”.
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