Welcome to the Swampcast Arts and Letters blog. I’m Michael Levin and this Swampcast is focused on all things non-technical. I affectionately refer to my home in lovely Winter Park, Florida as “The Swamp”. Swampcast, the podcast, is generally about being a geek in the Swamp. My other blog, http://www.mikelevin.net focuses on software, programming and technobuzz.

I’ve been in my former home, Dublin, Ireland for a few days now. I moved from here to Florida six years ago. Ireland was a huge jump from my birthplace, Texas. Pivotal, I might say! And, what do I mean by “roysh”? That’s a colloquialism for “right” in Dublin vernacular.

Nice to see you and glad you stopped by the Swampcast Arts and Letters blog. Expect more of the same. Hurry back!